Monday, June 17, 2013

{Random} Oceana Takes a Vacation

The title of that post is sort of misleading, seeing as I haven't posted a lot in the last few weeks. I'd like to apologize for that; blogging is exhausting and I'm in sort of a reading slump.

I'll be in Colombia for the next six weeks, about, and I won't always have wifi. I'll be spending a considerable amount of time there at my uncle's horse farm in the mountains. I may be on one day and disappear for the next two. I just never know, so I wanted to make sure you guys were aware before I left tomorrow.

I'll try to get reviews in while in wifi range, but I can't promise anything.

I'll miss you all!

Oceana is a French-blooded teenager who enjoys stalking British boys and asking them to marry her. She was diagnosed with severe fangirl disorder in 2011. Able to curse like a sailor with an angelic voice.


  1. Aww. Have fun in Colombia. (I'll try to survive without your reviews. How dare you do this to me?)

    1. Thank you! Aww, you'll still see some discussion posts when I get around to them!