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Her posts are in red.

Oceana is a French teenager (yes, she adores wine and cheese) who loves South African accents, lives in South Florida, and desires to move to Colorado. She hates the heat and humidity.

Oceana has various boyfriends (literary or film characters), and girl crushes. She reads mostly young-adult novels and new-adult novels, since people are judgmental bastards.

Her favorite genre is YA paranormal, but some of her favorite books, like STOLEN by Lucy Christopher, are YA realistic fiction.

Oceana seems to be rather mature for her age at first glance. Once you get to know her you'll realize that she's absolutely bloody mad. She is also snarky, stubborn, and bitchy. Her negative reviews almost always end up being a very organized, insightful rant, but she tries her best to keep her positive reviews interesting and funny. Because, let's face it. Negative reviews are always more fun to read.
She likes to torture her co-blogger because it's fun and she knows deep, deep inside, the sadistic part of Lisbeth likes it.

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 You can contact her at oceananightfern.com


| liz-bith a-vary |

Her posts are in grey.

Lisbeth is sadly not a French teenager, but she is German and is a bit obsessed about British accents. She lives in the Midwest in the middle of nowhere and desperately wants to live anywhere else (except for cold places and hot places). Oceana thinks Lisbeth looks exactly like Penélope Cruz in the film Elegy.

She loves video games and running, but hates olives and annoying people. Lisbeth has various literary boyfriends and girlfriends. Film characters are also included. She has a penchant for using long words as well (boosting self esteem is a good thing).

Lisbeth almost exclusively reads young-adult as well, mostly because she has been explicitly banned from reading anything else. She does read new adult as well, though it pains her to do so.
She is quasi-mature, which basically means she can keep her facade longer than her co-blogger. It works well, as she can turn from normal to homicidal in a few seconds (which is the only reason she obtained this position).

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You can contact her at lisbethavery@gmail.com


  1. hey girls! i absolutely love reading your reviews.. theyr'e so relatble and are literally GOLDEN! Would love to hear your thoughts on the book The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Mosely. Loved this book although im sure if you review, you will point out all the hilarious flaws! Keep up theses incredible reviews - we're all loving them in Syndey Australia! xxx

    1. Thanks! I have that on my reading list! :)