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ASSORTED INSANITY'S reviewers, Lisbeth and Oceana, offer a unique perspective when it comes to reviewing young-adult literature since they are teenagers. Most reviewers who read young-adult are adults, and while there's nothing wrong with that, the books are originally targeted towards a younger audience. Oceana and Lisbeth are both part of this age group, so it's perfect for publishers, publicists, or authors who are wondering how their book will fare in the literature community.

Currently, both Lisbeth and Oceana are accepting hardcopies of books for review - those sent to them home, like Advanced Reader's Copies. Lisbeth accepts published books as well.



Oceana will read the following in hardcover, paperback, or e-books (those compatible with an iPad):
  • any type of young adult (paranormal especially)
  • any type of new adult
Oceana will take in books from small and large publishers and publicists. She will consider reading self-published books, but nothing is guaranteed. You can email her at for her address or further information.


Lisbeth will read the following in hardcover, paperback, or e-book (MOBI and EPUB):
  • any type of young-adult
  • adult novels (very rare occurrence)
Lisbeth will take in books from publishers, publicists, and self-published books, though the latter are more commonly accepted in e-book formats. You can email her at for her address or further information.


Lisbeth and Oceana clearly state where they get their review copies from. They have no preferences when it comes to what format, though in some cases (usually self pubbed or lesser known publishers where they are simply not comfortable with giving their addresses out) they will request it to be a digital copy instead of print copy. This hopefully will be a rare occurrence.

What to include in your review request:
This is very important that you follow this format. It does not have to be in order, but everything must be in your request for Lisbeth or Oceana to think about accepting it.
  • your name
  • your email
  • are you an author, publisher, or publicist?
  • synopsis of the book
  • links*
*at least an Amazon link, a Goodreads link, and an additional website link

The more information, the better your chance. Oceana and Lisbeth will read and review books given directly to them. The Goodreads reviews are critical to them as well. Both have a few trusted fellow bloggers whose opinions about a book have the chance to make it or break it. If it does not fit what they wants for the book, they will refuse. Oceana and Lisbeth have many books to read and will not waste their time reading a book that they would not normally read.

All their reviews are 100% honest, and Oceana and Lisbeth will never receieve, expect, or consider any compensation for writing reviews. Requested reviews will not instantly pop up right after they have finished reading them. Please allow some time for Oceana and Lisbeth to write their review, as they also have lives to attend to.

We retain the right to decline a review to any book we read. However, we will always try to complete a review.

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